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Domtar Brings Your Brand to Life

Domtar Brings Your Brand to Life

Private label office papers are a key differentiator and growth driver for many independent dealers. Find out why creating a private label might be right


Office Paper Brands Customers Can Trust

National paper brands, such as Xerox® and EarthChoice®, help office supply stores and paper retailers build loyalty and drive sales. Quality products build loyalty, establish


Making the Case for Domestic Paper

Domestic paper, imported paper — it’s all the same, right? Actually, it’s not. Your decision to buy domestic paper matters to our economy and our


Uncoated Paper Makes an Impact

A customer’s first impression of you may be in their hands — literally. Learn why uncoated paper is a great choice for discerning brands. You


Domtar: A Leader in Thermal Paper

Thermal paper is everywhere, from grocery stores and gas pumps to schools and concert halls. Learn how thermal papers work and why the market is