Company Policies


Promoting Strong Governance and Best Practices

We have adopted a wide range of policies, regularly reviewed and updated, to promote strong governance, best practices, diversity and sustainability. Often going beyond what the law requires, our policies set the tone for the way we conduct our business at all levels and at all times, providing a solid foundation for working smart.

Code of Ethics

Name Size
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics – English version 14 MB
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics – French version – Code d’éthique et de conduite en affaires 13 MB

Whistleblower Protection Policy

Name Size
Whistleblower complaints policy and procedures 154 KB
Politique et procédures pour la dénonciation et la soumission des plaintes 224 KB

Human Rights

Name Size
Human Rights Policy 262 KB

Transparency in Supply Chains

Name Size
California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure 194 KB


Name Size
Environmental Policy 39 KB

Health and Safety

Name Size
Right and Responsibility to Act Policy 248 KB
Occupational Health and Safety Policy – English version 59 KB
Occupational Health and Safety Policy – French version – Politique sur la santé et la sécurité au travail 259 KB