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Papergrade Pulp

Customers of our papergrade pulp include leading towel and tissue companies, absorbent hygiene product producers, and manufacturers of printing and writing paper.

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Essential for Manufacturing Everyday Consumer Products

Produced at the Espanola Mill

Domtar’s northern softwood grades include Boreal softwoods from central Canada, such as black spruce, jack pine and white spruce. From the interior of British Columbia, we use lodgepole pine, white spruce and Douglas fir.

  • All of our northern softwoods exhibit excellent strength (tensile and tear), high brightness and outstanding cleanliness.
  • Domtar northern softwood grades are the most valued in grades for products that require excellent reinforcement from the softwood fiber without a negative effect on surface properties .
  • Our NBSK grades are used in premium tissue/towel, lightweight specialties and other demanding end uses.

Produced at the Marlboro and Ashdown Mills

  • These grades are produced from loblolly pine providing good strength, bulking properties and excellent cleanliness
  • Our SBSK grades are used as a reinforcement fiber in uncoated printing and writing papers, tissue and towel grades, and packaging grades.

Produced at the Hawesville Mill

  • This grade provides a range of bulk, optical, smoothness and strength properties.
  • Our SBHK grades are used primarily for printing and writing papers along with many specialty applications. This grade is increasingly used in tissue and towel applications.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified papergrade pulp is available upon request and subject to approval. Please contact Robert Vaughan. Learn about Domtar’s commitment to FSC certification.