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Diversity & Inclusion

We value a workforce that brings together people who have a broad range of cultures, experiences, knowledge and perspectives.


Including People and Increasing Value

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Our vision at Domtar is to foster a culture that embraces diversity and allows all employees to feel included and valued.
This vision is rooted in our company values. Our agility improves when we have a wider set of skills, our caring deepens when we have a broader understanding of the world, and our innovation quickens when different ideas and imaginations meet.
We view diversity and inclusion as more than just policies and practices. It is part of who we are, how we operate, and essential to our long-term survival. A diverse and inclusive culture make Domtar a stronger company.

Diversity & Inclusion Council

The Domtar Diversity & Inclusion Council exists to provide guidance to leadership to help bridge the gap between Domtar’s Diversity & Inclusion Vision and the organizational reality. Through annual progression measurements, the Council will contribute by suggesting action plans and supporting their implementation as well as develop communication strategies for employee awareness and engagement.