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Uncoated Paper Makes an Impact

A customer’s first impression of you may be in their hands — literally. Learn why uncoated paper is a great choice for discerning brands.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. That may be a cliché, but it’s true, especially in the world of print marketing, where marketing materials do more than just relay messages. Using uncoated paper for your project can ensure the impact of your product, service or brand beyond words.

Whether it’s packaging, a brochure, a direct mail piece or a catalog, people will size it up from the very first touch. Choosing the right paper is the first step in making the project successful. Each project requires a paper that not only complements the design, but also communicates your brand values and sparks the desired emotions in the recipient.

Uncoated papers are often a first choice when it comes to making an impact. That’s because:

  • High-quality uncoated paper brands, like Domtar’s Cougar® or Lynx®, deliver excellent printing results. They accept ink very well and are capable of producing vivid colors and crisp details. For luxury brands in particular, high print quality is essential as it creates a lasting impression.
  • Uncoated paper helps convey a sense of trust and authenticity. This is why nonprofit organizations often choose uncoated paper for their printed communications. Also, many brands choose uncoated paper when they are printing a serious or heartfelt message.
  • At the same time, the velvety texture of uncoated paper can create a sense of elegance and prestige, which is especially important to luxury brands and VIP marketing.
  • Uncoated paper delivers a highly tactile experience to recipients, which can help reinforce brand values like luxury, sophistication and quality.
  • Uncoated paper comes in a variety of colors, finishes and textures, giving designers plenty of choices to find just the right look and feel for their project.


The elegant, luxurious look and feel of uncoated paper make it a perfect choice for high-end retailers who need to impress a sophisticated audience. Catalogs from brands like Neiman Marcus, Ethan Allen and Restoration Hardware have been printed on high-quality uncoated paper. More than just sales catalogs, these luxury lookbooks reinforce these top-tier brands by serving as design and lifestyle inspiration, and they have been shown to be direct drivers of online sales.

Jeep is another well-known brand that regularly uses uncoated paper in its marketing campaigns. The paper’s texture helps promote the rugged, outdoor, off-the-beaten-path brand.

Uncoated paper is also a great choice for letterhead, brochures, business cards, invitations, certificates and other documents that are meant to make a lasting impression about the brand, the business and the people sending and receiving these documents.

Get Better Results with Uncoated Paper

When working with uncoated papers, don’t be afraid to be bold with color. The key to great results is to use high-quality imagery, including photographs with vivid color and exceptional detail. You might also consider specifying a fluorescent color or using a touch plate to add intensity to a selected color in the design. Talk to your printer about what options might be available for your project.

As with most printed projects, the quality of the paper you choose can greatly affect the finished product. That’s because paper quality sends a clear message about the brand it represents; the finer the paper, the higher the perception of the brand.

Domtar offers a wide variety of uncoated papers, including our premium Cougar® Smooth paper for commercial printing. Known for its velvety feel, the Cougar® name has been associated with quality for more than 50 years. Lynx® is another high-quality uncoated paper brand that is well suited for high-volume, direct mail projects or projects with tighter budgets.

“At Domtar, we are dedicated to producing high-quality uncoated paper,” says Goldie McGee, Product Manager at Domtar. “We make paper that brings creative visions to life.”

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