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Domtar Brings Your Brand to Life

Domtar Brings Your Brand to Life

Private label office papers are a key differentiator and growth driver for many independent dealers. Find out why creating a private label might be right for you.

Brand matters. But who says the brand has to be a national brand? More retailers and independent dealers are finding that private labels make excellent business sense. Private label products are a great way to differentiate their business from the competition. And, as the sales data shows, private labels are increasingly popular with customers.

According to the Private Label Manufacturers Association, private label product sales grew at four times the rate of national brands in 2016, ending the year with a total market share of 19.7 percent. The organization estimates the total size of the private label market in the United States is now more than than $150 billion.

More good news comes from millennials, who have overtaken baby boomers as the largest living generation. A Cadent Consulting Group study found that 51 percent of millennials have no real preference for private label vs. national brands, compared to just 39 percent of baby boomers. This bodes well for the ongoing growth and consumer acceptance of private labels.

“There’s no longer a stigma attached to buying private label products,” says Michelle Selders, president of Brand Verbalist, a brand strategy firm. “For many consumers, it’s now the smart choice. … For retailers, a private brand can be a big win, too. They have more control over the product, can better meet their customers’ needs and can optimize their profit margins.”

Domtar’s Private Label Office Papers

As the largest producer of uncoated paper in North America, Domtar has a unique perspective on paper products, along with more than 40 years of experience with private labels. We have partnerships with some of the biggest office supply companies in the world, but we also work with independent dealers who may be interested in building a private label program.

“We have a lot of expertise on the paper itself, not just the industry, so we are able to offer a customized approach to every private label program, based on each client’s needs,” says Marium Dossaji, Domtar’s customer marketing manager for office supply. “We can take their private label from concept to market, but we can also help them grow their reach as their business grows.”

Domtar’s industry, marketing and brand experts help clients:

  • Understand whether a private label is right for them

  • Develop a brand identity for their paper products

  • Optimize private label and branded product assortment to meet their customers’ needs

  • Create eye-catching packaging that promotes the brand and the business

  • Manufacture and ship private label products using Domtar’s robust distribution network

  • Develop inserts, sales flyers, sample packs and other tools needed to introduce the new brand to customers

  • Cross-promote their private label products with other products and services in the business

  • Continue promoting, improving and growing the brand as volume grows

Looking Beyond the Paper

Our private label programs also go beyond logos and branding to help clients build their businesses.

“It’s not always about the paper in the box,” says Meredith Collins, Domtar brand marketing manager. “It’s about what Domtar can do for you, what we stand for and what we believe in as a company. We’re passionate about what we do and about our customers. We want their brands and their businesses to succeed, which is why we offer such robust marketing support.”

Dossaji agrees. “It’s not about the transaction with us, but about how we can help you grow your business. A win for our clients is a win for all of us.”

Domtar’s customizable and scalable private label programs are well-suited to a variety of companies, from big chains to local retailers and independent dealers. In fact, private label programs are a great way to grow smaller businesses in challenging times.

“It’s been interesting to see these creative and forward-thinking independent dealers embrace private label programs in order to not just survive but also to thrive in an ever-changing industry,” Dossaji says. “We’ve seen these companies grow because of their private label, and we’ve been able to grow their program along with them.”

Here’s what some of our clients are saying:

“Atlas Stationers has experienced fantastic success with the Domtar private label program. The packaging design is better than many of the national brands. It really helps us stand out in the marketplace. We have experienced strong positive response from customers supporting local branding.” — Donald Schmidt, president, Atlas Stationers, Inc.

“Domtar has been a fantastic partner to work with. From representation, concept and design to launch and marketing support, they’ve guided us through the entire journey, and that’s been a key part of our success with the growth of our brand.” — Al Kemp, general manager, LB Office

“Domtar has gone the extra mile in helping us promote the brand with web banners, sample packs and package inserts to cross promote our other products. I can’t say enough about how Domtar has supported us with an awesome brand that we are proud to go to market with. It’s a huge competitive advantage for us.” — Ken Henderson, president, Chicago Office Products

Contact us to learn more about building your brand with a private label.

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