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Paper has value. It’s sustainable, personal and purposeful.

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Our Services

As a paper manufacturer and distributor, Domtar is committed to helping educate people about the value of paper and how it can be a sustainable choice.

Domtar is the largest integrated manufacturer and marketer of uncoated freesheet paper in North America and the second largest in the world. As such, we:
  • Design, manufacture, market and distribute a wide range of custom paper products for a variety of applications and customers, including merchants, retail outlets, stationers, printers, publishers, converters and end-users.
  • Manufacture business and office paper, commercial printing and publishing paper, as well as specialty, technical and converting paper.
  • Manufacture recognized branded products such as Xerox® and Domtar EarthChoice®, a line of environmentally and socially responsible papers.

Bookmarks for Children’s Book Day

Bookmarks for Children's Book Day

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As the demand for paper began to decline, we noticed many “myths” about paper usage. Domtar decided to show how paper remains both essential and sustainable. We launched PAPER because®, sharing our message with videos, a website, press articles and a series of announcements that were broadcast online and, of course, in print. We highlighted how Domtar has partnered with the world’s leading environmental groups, leading the way in responsible papermaking that helps forests thrive. We reminded people how paper brings them joy – a diploma or a birthday card. And we highlighted how students learn best by reading and writing on paper.
PAPER because® led the way an industry-wide campaign called “How Life Unfolds”, put together by the Paper and Packaging Board.

Bookmarks for Children’s Book Day

The Concept

The campaign, PAPER because®, was born out of a desire to inform the public about the importance of paper in our lives and its relevance in a sustainable development approach. As part of a series of print ads, videos, posters and other activation tactics, PAPER because® was the voice of the paper and packaging industry, championing the responsible use of paper and the positive role it plays in learning, communication and creativity.

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