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Domtar’s Inventory Replenishment Network Delivers More Than Paper

Paper merchants can reduce costs and better serve their commercial printing customers with help from Domtar’s industry-leading inventory replenishment network.

When commercial printers need to print a job, they typically rely on a local paper merchant to deliver the paper they need. Domtar’s inventory replenishment network ensures that paper merchants have fast, reliable and affordable access to the paper they need to keep their clients printing.

“Our network serves paper merchants who redistribute our product to thousands of commercial printers, copy centers and in-plant print shops across North America,” says John Parke, customer marketing manager for merchants at Domtar. “The printing equipment that these companies have come in a variety of formats, ranging from presses that require cut-size sheets to those that use large folio sheets to high-speed web-fed units that use large rolls. These customers need a reliable supplier that can provide the variety of finished formats they need while helping them manage their inventory costs and inventory turns.”

Ordering and receiving full truckloads allow merchants to be more efficient in their purchasing and warehousing operations. It limits the number of inbound trucks to unload and the accompanying paperwork associated with shipments, like bills of lading and invoices. And since Domtar stocks everything our customers need, it is easy to build full truckloads.

“Our inventory replenishment network also offers a lot of flexibility in combining a variety of products in a single order, making it easy to build full truck orders with Domtar,” Parke says.

When it comes to distribution, Domtar’s warehouse network offers three key advantages over the competition.

More Locations

Domtar’s system includes 10 regional replenishment centers (RRCs) located throughout North America — more than any of our competitors.

RRC locations include:

  • Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Chicago, Illinois

  • Dallas, Texas

  • Jacksonville, Florida

  • Delran, New Jersey

  • Los Angeles, California

  • Kent, Washington

  • Richmond, Quebec

  • Toronto, Ontario

  • Winnipeg, Manitoba

It Offers More Variety

Because Domtar is a leader in uncoated free-sheet printing-grade paper, we offer greater product variety than our competitors.

“In uncoated white printing paper, we offer three options with Cougar®, Lynx® and Husky®, all well-known brands in the industry,” says Parke. “We manufacture uncoated colors in a variety of basis weights across bond, text and cover. The RRCs also stock multiple brands of business papers, including papers made for color copiers and inkjet devices. More than 7,000 SKUs in the RRC network make it convenient for merchants to replenish their inventory and offer flexibility in how they combine products within each order.”

It’s Faster

Most merchants carry a lot of inventory at any given time. But a lot of their sales are transactional, meaning that a quick-turn job might come up that requires more of one item than the merchant has on hand.

“With our network of warehouses, we are just one day away from more than 80 percent of the North American market, so we can fill those last-minute orders quickly,” Parke says. “It puts the merchant in a better position to serve their customers. We have the inventory to back up their inventory, and we can get it to them quickly.”

Do Business Better With Domtar

With a larger inventory replenishment network, greater variety and faster service than competing suppliers, Domtar offers a clear advantage to paper merchants looking to optimize their operations. We can help merchants streamline their inventory, reduce carrying and acquisition costs, increase profitability, turn orders quickly and get more products into the hands of their customers.

Contact us to learn more about how Domtar’s warehouse network benefits merchants and their customers.

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