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Husky® Opaque Offset Paper Delivers Quality and Consistency

Truck after truck, order after order, Domtar’s Husky® Opaque Offset paper delivers consistent results. Find out why it’s a leading choice for printers.

When it’s time to print thousands of pieces for an important client, you want the last sheet that comes off the press to look just as good as the first one without having to stop the presses or hold up the job for any reason. When the stakes are high, printers turn to Husky® Opaque Offset paper because of its reputation for consistency and quality.

“Husky Opaque Offset has a reputation that’s been built over years, and I would say its consistency is probably the biggest reason,” says Dave Whiteman, sales manager for Midland Paper, a Chicago-area paper distribution company. “The look of the product and its performance are key drivers in why it gets a lot of repeat business.”

Why do printers prefer Husky® Opaque Offset paper for high-volume projects that demand quality on a budget, like manuals, financial documents and coupons?

Press Performance

Performance on the press is a big part of Husky® Opaque Offset paper’s reputation. During printing, some uncoated papers may leach calcium carbonate, which builds up on the blankets and can create printing defects or color shift. This isn’t an issue with Husky® Opaque Offset, which runs clean on printing presses, reducing downtime. Also, thanks to Domtar’s high standards of quality control, this paper is cut squarely, cleanly and to a consistent size. This helps prevent printer jams and allows it to run equally well from the first sheet or roll to the last.

“A lot of people look at price per pound when buying paper, but I look at cost per operation,” says Jeffrey Hernandez, vice president of Classic Color, a high-end commercial printer near Chicago. “When the press isn’t running, you’re not making money, and that’s a huge problem. The dependability found in Husky Opaque Offset keeps the presses running and improves overall productivity.”

Good Formation

It’s not just performance on the press that sets Husky® Opaque Offset apart from the competition. Formation also plays a role. The paper has a uniform surface that accepts ink well, and it’s strong enough to hold more ink than a designer would expect.

“The formation of this paper, and how the ink lays down on the sheet, is just incredible,” Hernandez says. “I love to show customers the swatch book, with samples showing the amount of coverage you can put on this stock. They’ll say they would never think of putting that much black on a 60 lb. offset, but I tell them the proof is in the pudding. Domtar doesn’t just tell you what their paper can do, they show you.”

The Domtar Advantage

The consistent performance and high quality of Husky® Opaque Offset paper can be attributed to Domtar’s high manufacturing standards and integrated pulp and paper mills.

“We’re constantly making process and quality improvements at the mills to ensure a consistent product that performs well,” says Sam Ankony, Domtar account manager. One of those improvements has been an increase in brightness, from 84 to 94. Opacity increased as well, leading to a name change from Husky® Offset to Husky® Opaque Offset.

“The increased brightness and opacity of this paper is better for print contrast, and it’s also a way to differentiate ourselves from the competition,” Ankony says.

Truck after truck, order after order, Husky® Opaque Offset provides quality and consistency for reliable, good-looking print jobs at a price that’s right. Contact us to learn more about this paper and how it can help meet your printing needs.

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