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Buying FSC-Certified Paper Helps Protect Our Forests

Find out what Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification means, and why buying FSC® certified paper matters.

When it comes to sustainability and environmental awareness, every action matters. Whether it’s choosing to drive a low-emissions vehicle, buying organic produce or adjusting the thermostat, small decisions can add up to a big benefit for our planet. So if you’re already turning an eye toward reducing your environmental footprint, why not make the switch to FSC-certified paper?

What Is FSC-Certified Paper?

When the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certifies that a paper is made of responsibly sourced wood fiber, that paper earns the FSC label. FSC certification is an important standard for our industry. It indicates that the forests from which we harvest wood fiber are managed in a way that reduces their environmental impact.

The FSC standard ensures landowners and wood products manufacturers use responsible forestry practices that:

  • Protect water quality

  • Avoid the use of highly hazardous chemicals

  • Protect valuable woodlands

  • Protect the rights of indigenous people and local communities

  • Prevent the loss of natural forest cover

  • Limit clear cutting

  • Protect forest ecology and wildlife habitats

  • Support democratic and transparent governance

Today, more than 168 million acres of forestland have been FSC certified in the United States and Canada, including many of the forests from which we source wood fiber. In fact, we were an early adopter of the FSC standard and the first forest products company in North America to offer FSC-certified copy paper.

“Sometimes, with products like paper or pulp, it can be difficult for consumers to know where it came from or how it was produced,” says Dan Persica, Domtar’s senior manager, sustainability communications. “Third-party certification is one of the best ways for Domtar to show that we’re committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility from the forest to the shelf.”

Three Reasons to Buy FSC-Certified Paper

When you have so many paper choices, why choose FSC-certified paper?

It’s an easy way to effect change. — “For those who feel they can’t make a difference because they’re just one person, this is a simple action they can take,” says Persica. “All of the hard work has already been done by the forester and the manufacturer. This is an easy way to ensure forests remain forests for generations to come.”

It’s a safe choice for corporations. — “We’ve all seen the harm that can be done to brands because of issues two or three steps down in the supply chain,” says Persica. “Third-party certification is a way to demonstrate that you care about having a responsible supply chain for the paper you use.”

It makes a powerful statement. — “Consumers vote with their wallets, and buying FSC-certified paper shows that there is demand for responsibly sourced and manufactured forest products,” says Persica. “If more and more people make a small effort to look for that FSC label, it can have a huge impact.”

So the next time you need paper for home or office, be sure to choose FSC-certified paper. The forest will thank you.

FSC® C001844

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