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Odds & Ends

As a paper manufacturer and distributor, Domtar is committed to helping educate people about the value of paper and how it can be a sustainable choice.

Hatch Show Print

We partnered with Hatch Show Print, a legendary letterpress shop, to create a limited-edition poster that highlighted both paper’s effectiveness and charitable design. It expanded the reach of PAPERbecause to AIGA’s “Design for Good” Initiative, an effort that supports pro bono design projects, encouraging designers use their creatively to benefit the community.
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Paper Does More Than You Think!

We published a collection of essays to explain the bigger message behind many of the ads featured in the PAPERbecause campaign. They expanded on the research that demonstrated how paper plays a role in learning, preserving information, attracting customers, finding a job – even conserving forests. The lesson: paper does more than you think!