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Awards & Recognition

PAPERbecause quickly became a hit. The New York Times wrote a profile, showcasing the effort.
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Industry Response

PAPERbecause quickly became a hit. The New York Times wrote a profile, showcasing the effort. Customers asked if they could leverage our marketing materials. Schools across North America used our program, where elementary students became pen pals with senior citizens. Groups that pushed for kids to learn cursive asked to partner with us on handwriting programs. Environmentalists recognize us as an industry leader in pushing for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.
Over time, PAPERbecause became so popular, it sparked an industry-wide initiative from the Paper & Packaging Board, a campaign called “How Life Unfolds.”
“Paper Because really opened up the industry’s eyes to what you could do with marketing and a personal touch, highlighting the personally relevant benefits and emotional connection between people and paper. … It really paved the way for what the Paper & Packaging Board is doing today.” – Mary Anne Hansan, President of the Paper & Packaging Board
“Domtar is taking the lead in trying to educate the world – what a daunting task. I love how the campaign addresses so many different areas where people really need to be educated about ‘why paper’.” Great job Domtar!“ – Customer VP
“I came across your add in The Economist and wanted to pass along how effective I felt it was! Your company’s efforts are much appreciated and I am proud to be in the industry and to be a business partner with Domtar.” – Customer Division Manager
From Best of Show to bronze, the PAPERbecause campaign has received top honors from groups ranging from readers of Newsweek to judges at the Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity, Clio awards, The One Show and multiple industry award shows.

Awards & Recognition

These elite award shows are where top brands enter their best work and year after year, Domtar beat out the competition in categories ranging from print to mobile demonstrating print and digital truly do go hand in hand.