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ci2000® Envelope

Domtar’s ci2000® envelope is engineered for excellent performance in high-speed converting equipment and offers a super smooth print surface for full color printing.

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Carbonless Base

Base Stocks Designed for Carbonless Applications

Our carbonless base stock performs well in coating operations allowing our customers to produce high-quality carbonless papers. Carbonless paper made using Domtar’s base stock goes into producing multi-part forms used successfully in a wide variety of applications. The carbonless base stock is engineered to lay flat and image well in a wide variety of print processes including offset and digital laser printers.

Security Papers

Document Protection

Our security papers are engineered with advanced technologies to prevent counterfeiting and unauthorized reproduction. Security papers produced by Domtar incorporate a wide variety of security features that allow our customers to include different ones for the appropriate level of counterfeit and copy protection given the end requirements.

Industrial Papers

Strong Papers for Tough Jobs

At Domtar we engineer hard-working papers to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Our expert paper makers and sales representatives have developed products with excellent strength properties to withstand the toughest applications and converting processes.

We manufacture base stocks for abrasives, tapes, ream wrap and more that exceed industry standards, translating into reliable and efficient processing for our customers.

Medical Applications Papers

Sterile Applications

With specialized products ranging from bandage wrappers, clean room wipes to gown and drape bases, we provide papers for many medical applications. These products offer features such as pore size, porosity control, specialized fiber blends, optimal cleanliness, and are suitable for a wide range of sterilization processes. Our gown, drape and wiper products are designed for hydroentangling and very demanding converting operations.

Uncoated Direct Thermal Base

Our uncoated direct thermal base stock is engineered to provide optimal performance in a wide variety of processes, allowing our customers to produce high-quality direct thermal papers.

Domtar’s highly-technical base stock is proven successful in a multitude of applications, including laminating, matrix-stripping, sheeting, converting and imaging.

Uncoated Label Paper

Engineered to Perform

We manufacture label facestock base paper for silicone coating and poly extrusion that is engineered for the type of printing and processing required; allowing laminators to produce finished labels with unsurpassed performance that run successfully in a wide variety of applications.

Our label facestock is designed to lay flat and image well in a wide variety of print processes including offset and digital laser printers. Its strength properties are tailored to run at high speed in all matrix-stripping operations.

Food Papers

Safe, Secure and Sustainable

From grease-resistant food papers to printable bags and wrappers, our food base paper offerings meet the most demanding requirements in the food industry. We offer a variety of features, including water resistance, grease resistance, ovenable qualities and excellent strength properties.

When printability is key, you can count on us to provide the best paper for your food design needs. We will provide the right finish, opacity, smoothness, and gloss level for optimal results. And most Domtar Food papers are FSC certified.