Awards received by Domtar

Over the years, Domtar has been recognized on numerous occasions for its leadership, constant efforts in sustainability and occupational health and safety, as well as best employer. Here is an overview of recent awards we have received.

Awarded by the Charlotte Business Journal - 2018

The Charlotte Business Journal's annual Healthiest Employers of Greater Charlotte Awards program honors local companies with outstanding health and wellness initiatives

Awarded by the Charlotte Business Journal - 2018

The Charlotte Business Journal’s Most Admired CEO program awards local leaders who have a strong vision for their companies, have shown commitment to culture in the workplace and made significant contributions to the community. Domtar's CEO, John Williams won the award for Public Company.

Awarded by Forbes - 2018

The ranking, which was compiled in collaboration with online research firm Statista, highlights 300 companies operating in Canada that have won the endorsement of their workers. Statista surveyed 8,000 Canadians working for large firms and institutions—those with 500 or more employees—in 25 industry sectors, asking them whether they would recommend their employers on a scale of 0 through 10, with 10 being the most positive. Respondents were surveyed through online access panels—not through their employers—and their gender, age, region, education level and ethnicity was representative of Canadian employees in general. Domtar is #186 on the list.

Awarded by Corporate Register - 2018

Domtar's 2017 Sustainability Report won in these two categories: Creativity in Communication and Openness & Honesty -

For the CRRA'18 Creativity in Communication category, voters were asked to choose the report that was a real pleasure to read, while at the same time getting its message across using creativity as a defining factor. CRRA'18 Openness & Honesty category, voters were asked to choose the report in which the company comes 'clean', telling both the good and bad news in a manner that convinces the reader a balanced picture is being presented.

Awarded by Kentucky's Labor Cabinet - 2018

Labor Cabinet Deputy Secretary Mike Nemes visited Domtar Mill in Hawesville to present a Governor’s Safety and Health Award for the 1,111,576 production hours worked without a lost-time incident by employees.

Awarded by the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce - 2018

The chamber specifically noted the mill's agility and innovation around new product development and its close relationships with customers as driving factors in its continued viability in a competitive industry.

Awarded by Skillsoft - 2018

SkillSoft, our Learning Management System provider for My Knowledge Tree and a global leader in corporate learning, recognized Domtar with an Innovation Award.

This award honors an organization that develops and implements best-in-class integrated learning and/ or talent programs that demonstrate strong results. Programs feature innovation to overcome challenges and realize success.  

Domtar's award honors our Growing as a Supervisor program, a blend of in-person and online training that is bringing skills to frontline supervisors, who are crucial to the success of our manufacturing system.

Awarded by Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada (PAPTAC) - 2017

This award is in recognition of the mill's highest level of engagement with respect to environmental protection in the Canadian pulp and paper industry. Windsor Mill received this award because of its commitment to and progress toward improving its sustainability performance, including beneficially reusing 91 percent of manufacturing byproducts, generating more than 90 percent of energy from renewable resources and using 50 percent certified fiber in pulp and paper production.

Awarded by Workforce Solutions for the Heart of Texas - 2017

This organization represents six counties in central Texas. The Employer of the Year award, according to the organization, salutes an outstanding employer who, as a customer of and collaborator with Workforce Solutions, created or used innovative approaches to create jobs, foster economic development in the community, and/or improve the skills of its workforce.

Awarded by the Texas Workforce Commission - 2017

The Large Employer of the Year award honors one private-sector employer with 500 employees or more whose efforts and initiatives resulted in an extraordinary impact on the state of Texas, as well as the employers, workers and community in which the employer operates.

The award acknowledges the efforts of a large employer that, as a customer of and collaborator with the Texas workforce system, has created or used innovative approaches to recruiting, training and retaining workers; upgrading worker skills; redesigning jobs; providing child care solutions; taking advantage of technology or collaborating and cooperating with the community.

The award focuses on employer excellence and operational results that benefit employers, workers and the local community, and assumes a close partnership with and successful use of Texas workforce system services.

Awarded by Pensions & Investments (P&I) - 2017

Given by Pensions & Investments (P&I), an international newspaper on money management, the Eddy Awards were created to identify and reward the best practices in providing investment and retirement education to defined contribution (DC) plan participants, in the USA and in Canada.

Awarded by the State of Arkansas - 2017

The award requires significant investments in safety systems and heightened attention to workplace procedures, in addition to appropriate personal protective equipment.

Awarded by Quill - 2017, one of the largest online suppliers of office supplies honored Domtar with the award for creative new product designs and packaging concepts, which resulted in sales growth and customer satisfaction.

Awarded by St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper - 2017

The newspaper chooses winners based on a survey of more than 35,000 people. HDIS has won this award for six consecutive years.

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