Water, a Shared Resource

We recognize that water is a local resource. Our facilities develop site-specific management strategies using their understanding of the unique environmental and socio-economic characteristics of their watersheds. We have developed additional tools, such as a full cost of water model, to enable our facilities to be even better stewards of our shared water resources.

in water use at our mills since 2016

Pulp and paper manufacturing requires a lot of water. Fortunately, all of our mills are located in watersheds with ample water supplies. We treat and return about 90 percent of the water we use to the watersheds where we operate. The remainder returns to the atmosphere through evaporation, and a small amount remains in the products we manufacture.

Number of times
water is reused in a mill

Given our access to abundant, inexpensive water supplies, we do not want to fall into the trap of taking the resource for granted. That is why we have developed models that our mills can use to better understand the full cost of using water in their operations. This will enable our mills to make smarter decisions to lower our manufacturing costs and water access risks.

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