Transportation and logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Efficiently Transporting Our Products

We are always looking for more efficient ways to transport our pulp, paper and personal care products. For heavy pulp and paper products, we are focused on expanding our ability to use intermodal, rail and higher-capacity trucks to move more products per shipment. For our lightweight, bulky personal care products, optimizing product packaging and stacking arrangements are enabling us to fit more in a container, reducing the number of truck trips required to get our products to users.

next day service
availability for paper customers

We operate a sophisticated, efficient distribution network to move our products to customers using third-party transportation providers. This network enables us to provide exceptional order delivery time to our pulp and paper customers.

Pulling our Weight 

To fill a trailer with as many lightweight personal care products as possible requires some creativity and innovation. From hand-stacking cases in between pallets to new packaging and compression technologies, learn more about how Domtar is getting more products in a container and reducing truck trips

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