Collaboration is Essential for Success

Domtar has a history of collaboration with leading environmental groups.

Appalachian Woodlands Alliance (AWA)

Watch what happened when Domtar and the AWA hosted a field trip to help procurement professionals better understand the impacts of their supply chain decisions:

American Forest Foundation (AFF)

  1. Family Forest Carbon Program (FFCP)

    • Domtar was one of the first forest products companies to support FFCP in its early development.

    • FFCP’s first pilot was launched in western Pennsylvania and has since expanded statewide and into West Virginia and western Maryland, resulting in 143 contracts representing 19,983 acres to date.

    • Domtar supports the FFCP to assist enhancement of responsible forest management practice development in the Central Appalachians and the eventual launch of the first FFCP learning pilot for small landowners in that region.

  2. Habitat Improvement Program – US Southeast

    • AFF’s Habitat Improvement Program is focused on engaging family forest owners to deliver measurable, verifiable impact for biodiversity and forest habitat across the Southeast and throughout our partners’ supply chains.

    • 2021 Key Metrics Include:

      • Landowner Engagement 

        • 51 landowners have engaged with AFF and a partner biologist, expressing desire and need for habitat improvement and/or technical assistance on their land. 

        • 27 landowners have met with AFF and a partner biologist and received technical assistance. 

        • 19 landowners have signed a 10-year agreement with AFF to maintain habitat and allow monitoring of listed and at-risk species on their land. 

      • Habitat Impacted 

        • 29,185 forested acres acquired (acreage owned by landowners responded to direct marketing & expressed interest in a site visit)

        • 17,881 forested acres converted (acreage visited by a forester or wildlife biologist)

        • 3,715 forested acres impacted (acreage under contract with AFF being treated via forest management practices)

  3. Northeast AFF/National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) Partnership

    • Support for a collaborative partnership led by the Audubon Society on the ground, and co-funded by AFF, NFWF and Domtar, among other partners.

    • Focus of this work involves improving management of private family forests in the Upper Allegheny and Sinnemahoning watersheds of New York and Pennsylvania to increase young and mature forest habitat structure to benefit Cerulean warbler and golden-winged warbler populations.

    • Through this project, Domtar has been a key partner and stakeholder associated with two demonstration sites within this region (eastern Allegheny National Forest and Sterling Run).

​​The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

  • Domtar is a significant partner in the conservation and restoration of Pennsylvania’s forests. Many of the sustainable and restorative timber harvests occurring in Pennsylvania can only occur because Domtar purchases the low-quality trees that need to be removed to create growing space for more desirable trees and initiate forest regeneration.

  • Domtar also has a history of financially supporting TNC, and Domtar’s continued support of TNC’s forestry programs will further our crucial work to increase the climate change adaptation and mitigation capacity of our forests. 

  • The primary use of Domtar’s donations will be to support TNC’s forest restoration across the Appalachians, with an emphasis on the Pennsylvania Wilds landscape around Domtar’s Johnsonburg mill. We will promote the FFCP “Enhancing the Future Forest” practice, which pays landowners to control competing vegetation and regenerate poorly stocked stands. 

  • TNC will collaborate with partners in the area and leverage Domtar’s support as match to Pittman-Robertson funds and NFWF grants.

Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)

  • A long-term partnership between Domtar and The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has been established with the execution of the largest private land conservation agreement in Canadian history.

  • A large private forest tract in Ontario that was managed as a wood supply to Domtar’s mills will now be managed for research and conservation by NCC.  The 1,450 square kilometers of boreal forest is recognized for its ecosystem and abundant wildlife.

  • Domtar has agreed to transfer ownership of the land to NCC for $7 million below its appraised value as a part of this partnership.

  • Given the important ecological attributes of this previously harvested forest, the provincial and federal governments are supporting NCC’s interest in acquiring and managing this area, formerly known as the Hearst Forest.

  • Domtar chose to partner with The NCC on this project because of NCC’s commitment to continued science-based management of this forestland.  NCC shares the findings of research conducted on its conservation lands with the public.

  • Domtar and NCC will have 10 years of collaboration to promote this partnership.

Memberships and Stakeholder Engagement

Our association and advocacy partners provide Domtar critical information and support to conduct business more efficiently and effectively, while our engagement with stakeholders helps us continuously improve.

Stakeholder Engagement



Our association and advocacy partners provide Domtar critical information and support to conduct business more efficiently and effectively, while also providing the critical mass to advocate for public policies that allow our business to be more sustainable.

Our partners primarily focus on issues such as: public policy, responsible forestry, fair trade, transport and logistics, environmental improvements, health care, fiber technology research and maintaining access to paper options.

Primary Domtar Association Memberships

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