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From grease-resistant food papers to printable bags and wrappers, our food base paper offerings meet the most demanding requirements in the food industry. We offer a variety of features, including water resistance, grease resistance, ovenable qualities and excellent strength properties.

When printability is key, you can count on us to provide the best paper for your food design needs. We will provide the right finish, opacity, smoothness, and gloss level for optimal results. And most Domtar Food papers are FSC certified.

Food Packaging Product Image
  • Market Paper and Steak Interleaving Paper Spec Sheet  ( PDF )
  • Butcher Wrap Spec Sheet  ( PDF )
  • Direct Food Contact Bag Stock Spec Sheet  ( PDF )


  • Good printability
  • Smooth, Vellum & Machine Glazed finishes
  • High opacity & gloss
  • Strength for demanding twisting operations
  • Excellent dry & wet strength properties
  • Various levels of porosity
  • Grease resistance
  • High & low water resistance


Contact for more details or to request samples.

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