Custom Paper Products for Your Specific Application

Our Specialty and Technical products teams work collaboratively with customers to develop and manufacture customized products for specific applications across many industries.  From specialty coating and label base stocks to medical and food packaging...and everything in-between…we can create the exact product for your application.

Explore some of our Specialty and Technical products below or contact us to discuss your specific application needs.

  • Carbonless Base

    Carbonless Base

    These base stocks perform exceptional well in your coating operations.

    Explore Thermal & Carbonless Papers 
  • Direct Thermal Base

    Direct Thermal Base

    Base Stocks Designed for Thermal Applications

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  • Food Packaging Product Image

    Food Packaging

    Our custom tailored solutions meet the most unique food packaging requirements.

    Explore Food Packaging 
  • Industrial Papers Product Image

    Industrial Papers

    We engineer hard-working papers to meet the demanding needs of our industrial customers.

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  • Label Facestock

    Label Facestock Papers

    Our label facestocks are engineered to allow laminators to produce finished labels with unsurpassed...

    Explore Label Papers 
  • Medical Papers End Use Image

    Medical Applications

    Our specialized products range from clean room wipes to gown and drape bases.

    Explore Medical Papers 
  • Security Papers Product Image

    Security Papers

    For the most secure of applications, these papers give peace of mind

    Explore Security Papers 
  • Xerox Revolution Product Shot

    Xerox® Revolution® Specialty Media

    Professional Marketing Tools to Build Business

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