Century® Premium Opaque is indeed a premium sheet. It has a smooth, hard sized printing surface that has excellent strength, stability and folding properties. With its 90 brightness, it is an excellent choice for pharmaceutical insert jobs that require premium quality features. This product includes FSC certified fiber. Post-consumer recycled content is available upon request.


Century® Premium Opaque Pharma

Century® Premium Opaque Pharma is a high brightness product designed specifically for pharmaceutical inserts and outserts. This product is delivers excellent offset printability with additional characteristics to allow performance required in high speed insert folders.


Century® Premium Opaque Pharma HiFold

The HiFold version of our Century® Premium Opaque Pharma provides the qualities of Century® Premium Opaque Pharma with additional capabilities for the ultimate in pharmaceutical insert and outsert performance. This product out perform due to its focus on insert fold efficiency. It yields extraordinary folding quality and speed capabilities beyond normal pharmaceutical insert products. Additionally, it is formulated to be printed either by conventional offset printing or by inkjet printing.

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Pills on a medication leaflet printed on Century Premium Opaque paper made by Domtar
More information
  • Century® Premium Opaque Spec Sheet  ( PDF )
  • Century® Premium Pharma Spec Sheet  ( PDF )
  • Century® Premium Opaque Pharma Hi-Fold Spec Sheet  ( PDF )


  • 90 brightness with a blue-white shade
  • Lightweight basis weights ranging from 26 lb. - 40 lb.
  • Excellent strength, rigidity & folding properties
  • Acid-free for archival quality & ECF
  • Made in USA and Canada
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