Reliable Office Paper...Environmental Responsibility

EarthChoice® Office Paper makes both possible.

Domtar EarthChoice® Office Paper is a dependable everyday paper designed to provide optimal printing results. And because it’s made using wood fibers from responsibly managed forests, companies and consumers who care about the environment can do their part to ensure a healthier planet today – and tomorrow.

Domtar EarthChoice® Office Paper meets the global management standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), which helps protect our air, water and overall quality of life.

Let Domtar EarthChoice® Office Paper be the everyday paper that represents your commitment to environmental responsibility.

  • A box of EarthChoice Office Paper byDomtar

    EarthChoice® Office Paper

    An everyday office paper that helps represent your commitment to sustainability

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  • A box of EarthChoice®30 Recycled Office Paper by Domtar

    EarthChoice®30 Recycled Office Paper

    An everyday, environmentally responsible office paper containing 30% post-consumer recycled...

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  • A box of EarthChoice®50 Recycled Office Paper Product by Domtar

    EarthChoice®50 Recycled Office Paper

    The perfect choice for customers desiring a higher level of recycled content within their...

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