Stretchable, Strong, Lightweight, Sustainable:  Domtar’s Better Paper Bag Material


For decades, the single-use plastic bag reigned as the dominant design solution for one of the most common human activities: getting a purchase home. But that popularity comes at a great cost; almost all plastic bags end up in a landfill, are incinerated, or leak into the environment as trash. With the single-use plastic bag ubiquitous in retail operations today, rising concerns about plastic waste demand a better solution.  


Domtar is developing a solution:  a 100% cellulose fiber-based material boasts properties not commonly associated with paper:

  • STRETCHABLE – This unique product stretches and flexes up to 40%
  • STRENGTH – The durable material is stronger than conventional kraft bag paper
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Domtar’s material is up to 47% lighter than conventional bag paper
  • SUSTAINABLE – This paper is responsibly sourced and curbside recyclable after intended end use

In fact, Domtar’s submission of this novel material was recently honored as one of the winners of the Beyond the Bag Challenge led  by the Consortium to Reinvent the Retail Bag, a collaboration convened by Closed Loop Partners with leading retailers, environmental partners, global design firm IDEO, and others. The Challenge attracted over 450 global participants and 9 winners were announced on Feb 16.

To learn more about this innovative, renewable and recyclable material, please contact



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