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How to Spot a Trustworthy Brand

Especially in challenging times, trust is a critical factor when developing brand loyalty and making a purchasing decision for the company you work for and the brands you represent. For graphic designers in particular, knowing which brands and products to trust can have a significant positive or negative impact on your reputation. Now more than ever, brands are rushing to regroup and present themselves as a trusted partner; but how do you know which brands are worthy of your trust?

Below are five traits to look for when searching for a trustworthy brand:

1. They Keep Their Product Quality Promise

Purchasing decisions are based on several factors, including emotion, brand loyalty, relationships…even cost. But no matter why you initially made the purchase, you need to be impressed with the way the product works in order to buy it again and ultimately develop trust with that brand. The first step to establishing trust in any relationship is to keep your promise. You should have the same expectation from the brands you choose to purchase—the product or service should consistently deliver on the communicated product quality promise featured on the packaging or in advertising.

2. The Product Is Consistently Available

You can’t trust someone who’s not there for you when you need them, and the brands we choose as partners must be held to the same expectation. Trustworthy brands understand this and make the availability of their product or service a top priority.

3. The Brand Is Accessible

Beyond the product being available, the brand itself needs to be accessible. Many brands make themselves available on their terms. Trustworthy brands take their approach to service a few steps further. They make you feel like you can reach out to them easily and get an immediate response, whether it’s to have a conversation or get the critical help you need to get started.

4. The Brand Is invested in YOU

Accessibility shouldn’t just stop at social media and call centers  (although that’s definitely an important part). Trustworthy brands become a part of the community they serve by cultivating a generous spirit of listening, engaging, helping and investing. You should actually feel like they live in, are a part of and are an advocate for the groups of people that depend on their products every day.

5. They Are Responsible and Purpose Driven

Trustworthy brands have a purpose above and beyond selling a product or service. Due to their focus on purpose, these brands treat transparency as more than a corporate buzzword. They go above and beyond—talking about how they deliver just as much as what they deliver; focusing on how they can improve in addition to what they do well. Then, they constantly take meaningful action based on the purpose they communicate. In short, brands that deserve your trust operate on clear principles and are consistent in how they articulate their purpose and values.

Trust is a by-product of commitment to quality, excellence and purpose. The Cougar® and Lynx® brands from Domtar Paper have built well-earned reputations as trustworthy brands by harnessing these core traits, earning the trust of printers and designers for generations. With quality and availability that consistently exceed expectations and bring creative visions to life, our paper can be trusted to deliver on every promise we communicate.

The wealth of resources available at are dedicated to helping you on your journey to create a printed piece on Cougar or Lynx, providing an abundance of sources for inspiration, education and staying up-to-date on the latest trends. Additionally our purpose and dedication to sustainability are built on values that can only enhance your reputation. All of the vast array of options in the Cougar and Lynx lines are sourced from sustainably-managed North American forests where endangered species are protected, workers are provided with fair wages and the rights of Indigenous peoples are respected.

Cougar and Lynx papers from Domtar offer you, and the brands you represent, expert craftsmanship, reliability and peace of mind. Your reputation is important. Trust Domtar papers to deliver memorable results with quality and values you can trust.

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