Sustainability at Domtar
Sustainability at Domtar
Sustainability at Domtar

Sustainability at Domtar


Our Goals: Journey to 2020

2018 Sustainability Update

Check out Domtar’s latest sustainability highlights and progress made on our sustainability goals.

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Sustainability Report

Cover of Domtar Sustainability Report 2017

2017 Sustainability Report

Domtar continues to create innovative programs to make our work better, safer and more sustainable.

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Performance Indicators

Domtar’s 2013 to 2017 sustainability performance numbers

Sustainability Performance Indicators

View Domtar’s 2013 to 2017 sustainability performance numbers.

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Our Investment in Sustainability

At Domtar, our investment in sustainability is rooted in responsibility, efficiency and engagement. We aspire to reduce risks, enhance brand reputation, drive business success and grow shareholder value. 


Domtar operates responsibly across every part of its business.

  • Domtar’s future is rooted in the forest. We source wood responsibly, using the highest certification standards.
  • Domtar provides instant supply chain transparency via its award-winning tool, The Paper Trail.
  • Working with Non-Governmental Organizations and landowners, Domtar has developed Sustainable Forestry Principles to ensure the continued health of forestlands.


Domtar minimizes the environmental impact of its business operations.

  • Domtar’s mills are highly efficient and largely fueled by renewable energy.
  • Domtar is focused on continuous improvement and sets public goals around minimizing waste, water and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Domtar uses resources more efficiently by recycling every possible material used in or created from the manufacturing of wood fiber-based products, one of the most recycled resources on the planet.


Domtar is a trusted collaborator to all stakeholders.

  • Domtar works with the world’s most recognized environmental groups to continue its sustainability journey.
  • Domtar works hand-in-hand with its customers to offer education and help in meeting their sustainability goals.
  • Domtar has a positive social and economic impact on the communities in which it operates, and is committed to philanthropy, employee development and volunteerism and supporting local jobs.
  • Energy and Emissions

    Domtar is focused on optimizing the use of carbon-neutral biomass fuels, improving the energy efficiency of our operations, and optimizing our self-generation of electricity.
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  • Water Management

    We are developing tools to enable our facilities to be better stewards of our shared water resources.
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  • Waste Management

    Thanks to our continuous improvement initiatives and engineering innovations, we are turning more raw materials into saleable products.
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  • Forestry and Fiber

    As a manufacturer of wood fiber-based products, Domtar is committed to the long-term sustainability of North American forests.
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  • Transportation and Logistics

    We are always looking for more efficient ways to transport our pulp, paper and personal care products.
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  • Our Collaborations

    Domtar has a history of collaboration with leading environmental groups.
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  • Our Certifications

    We offer products that are certified to independent, third-party standards
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