Cougar® – The Premium Paper that Brings Creative Visions to Life

A courageous idea is nothing until it is shared, received and embraced. For those who want to make their mark, Domtar makes Cougar®— the premium line of paper that amplifies a brand’s passions, personality and purpose.

Renowned for its refined velvety surface, Cougar® sets the perfect stage for passion and drama. The vast line of expertly crafted options for offset, digital and inkjet printing make it possible for your brand to send a consistent, memorable and impactful message no matter how you choose to print. And with every turn of the page, you’ll see a careful balance of shade, opacity and brightness.

On Cougar®, your story can be told over and over — in rich, vibrant hues and crystal-clear images —all on a sustainability platform you can trust to enhance your brand’s reputation. Cougar® does more than send a message. It consistently delivers — above and beyond, again and again.


  • CS98 Cougar Smooth Product Image

    Cougar® Smooth

    The premium Paper known for its rich, velvety feel.

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  • CSS98 Cougar Super Smooth Product Image

    Cougar® Super Smooth

    The luxurious finish of Cougar® Super Smooth enhances the impression of any printed piece.

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  • CDCC98 Cougar Digital Color Copy Product Image

    Cougar® Digital Color Copy

    Cougar® Digital Color Copy is designed to make digital jobs look better than ever.

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  • CD98 Cougar Digital Product Image

    Cougar® Digital

    The timeless brilliance of Cougar®, designed for the digital age.

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