Lighthouse® Fluff Pulp

Lighthouse® Fluff Pulp

The Benchmark for Quality and Performance

Lighthouse® Fluff Pulp is used worldwide in the absorbent core of personal care products such as baby diapers, adult incontinence products, feminine hygiene products and airlaid non-wovens. In addition, it is used in absorbent toweling and other more specialized products.

Domtar’s Lighthouse Fluff Pulp is produced utilizing the world’s best fluff pulp fiber—loblolly pine from southeastern U.S. forests.

This unique wood source produces long, bulky fibers that are perfectly suited for making highly absorbent products that effectively distribute liquids and provide high pad integrity.


Lighthouse Fluff grades include:

Lighthouse Fluff - An untreated fluff pulp ideally suited for many types of absorbent hygiene products. Lighthouse untreated fluff is available in a variety of moisture levels, roll sizes and packaging types.

Lighthouse X - An untreated fluff pulp specifically designed for compressibility and excellent pad weight variability for use in thin diapers.


Lighthouse® Fluff Pulp is produced at the Plymouth and Ashdown Mills.

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