The Right Paper for Every Print Job

Variety. Selection. Options. Choices. Call it what you will — it all comes down to things that matter. And when you want to send a message — the right message — there's no room for compromise.

When only the best will do, trust Domtar's Commercial Printing Papers to yield superior results for maximum impact. Our established Cougar®, Lynx® Opaque Ultra and Husky® Opaque Offset brands are long-trusted by generations of creatives and commercial printers to deliver unmatched performance, consistent quality and outstanding printability time and time again. With options for every project, priority and budget, our papers set the standard for excellence and dependability. 

Rest assured, no matter which Domtar product you choose, you're making the right call — for your customer, your client, your message, your brand and your story.

  • CS98 Cougar Smooth Product Image

    Cougar® Smooth

    The premium Paper known for its rich, velvety feel.

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  • CSS98 Cougar Super Smooth Product Image

    Cougar® Super Smooth

    The luxurious finish of Cougar® Super Smooth enhances the impression of any printed piece.

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  • CD98 Cougar Digital Product Image

    Cougar® Digital

    The timeless brilliance of Cougar®, designed for the digital age.

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  • CDCC98 Cougar Digital Color Copy Product Image

    Cougar® Digital Color Copy

    Cougar® Digital Color Copy is designed to make digital jobs look better than ever.

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  • Lynx Opaque Ultra

    Lynx® Opaque Ultra

    With Lynx®, expect impressive runnability, rich color reproduction and excellent image quality.

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  • Lynx Digital Product Image

    Lynx® Digital

    Lynx® Digital delivers high-performance output on a variety of digital equipment.

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  • Husky Opaque Offset Product Image

    Husky® Opaque Offset

    Pound for pound, Husky® leads the pack in opacity, runnability, and quality

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  • HROO94 Husky Recycled  Opaque Offset Product Image

    Husky® Recycled Opaque Offset

    Put your principles into practice when you print.

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  • HRD94 Husky Recycled Digital Product Imaeg

    Husky® Recycled Digital

    Put your principles into practice when you print without sacrificing performance.

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  • HD94 Husky Digital Product Image

    Husky® Digital

    Husky® Digital delivers value and performance on a variety of digital equipment.

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  • Lettermark™ Colors

    A dazzling selection of stylish pastels, whites and creams

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