Looking Your Best with Domtar Brands

You build your reputation on the high-quality pieces you create for your customers, and we understand you need the right products to deliver the impact that keeps them coming back again and again.

With all of Domtar’s exceptional brands, you know exactly what you’re getting. We give you the quality, predictability and consistency you need to create great printed pieces and build long-term relationships with your customers. And since we’ve been in the paper business for over 150 years, you know we’ll continue to be here, day after day, to make you - and your business - look its best.

Products you may be interested in: 


  • Cougar Swatchbook

    Cougar® Smooth

    Cougar® Smooth, is the premium paper renown for it’s rich, velvety feel that amplifies...

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  • Cougar Swatchbook

    Cougar® Super Smooth

    The luxurious silky finish of Cougar® Super Smooth enhances the impression of any printed...

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  • EarthChoice

    EarthChoice® Opaque Offset 30%

    Put your principles into practice when you print.

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  • Husky Opaque Offset Swatchbook Cover

    Husky® Opaque Offset

    Pound for pound, Husky® leads the pack in opacity, runnability, and quality

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  • Lynx Opaque Ultra Swatchbook Cover

    Lynx® Opaque Ultra

    With Lynx®, you get impressive runnability, rich color reproduction and excellent image quality...

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