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Oberlin College – Illuminated


80 lb. Text, Smooth Finish


Oliver Printing & Packaging Company was the clear winner of the printing category at the Rediscover Cougar® event with their beautifully printed publication, Oberlin Illuminated.


Cougar® was the natural canvas to bring the Oberlin experience to life. The images of the campus truly leap off the page with their clarity and crispness. With minimal text and a complete focus on photography, the brand story is spoken loudly through the printing process with attention to finite detail and skin tones. The book conveys a feeling of exclusivity and distinctiveness—a perfect representation of an institution of higher learning.


Cougar’s high opacity ensures that each page is not overshadowed by adjourning pages and the smooth surface brings the photography to life with crisp and clear images. This piece is a pleasure to flip through, whether you are a student wanting to learn more about life at Oberlin College or you just admire great photography.


This piece was managed by Art Director Emily Crawford and designed by Ryan Sprowl.


Featured in our Domtar Blueline Magazine.  Subscribe and Download

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