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Design Agency

FIG Industries




60. lb Text, Smooth Finish



Fig Industries recently released the first edition of Figment, a stylish tabloid-size publication printed on 60 lb. Lynx Text. Described as a curious collection of ideas, thoughts, and projects from the imaginative minds at Fig Industries, the goal was to craft a personality-driven piece that showcased their work, mission, and purpose, while also raising awareness about their studio and the clients they support.

Along with being a stellar example of design, filled with bold imagery and engaging stories, it’s also a testament to how good print can help support the digital side of marketing. Since the launch of Figment, Fig Industries has seen a 12.7% increase in new user site traffic and an 11% increase in engaged sessions. The proof is in the numbers – print continues to be an impactful part of omnichannel marketing.

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