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Guess What’s New in the Domtar Paper Gallery?

Okay, I admit it; I love art galleries. There’s something quietly inspiring about their halls whether it’s the years of creative history or the fascinating works of imagination.  I’ve discovered, however, that it’s becoming more difficult to find the time to visit a local gallery lately, which is why I am grateful for resources like our Domtar Paper Gallery. Not familiar? Well, you should be!

The Domtar Paper Gallery features incredible works of print that have been submitted for display. It’s always being updated with new submissions, it’s printspirational and, best of all, free. Every piece that you see in its digital halls has been printed on either Cougar®, Lynx® or Husky® Paper and our newest pieces are no exception. From the Kansas City Art Institute to The Association of Registered Graphic Designers, the amount of artistic ability you’ll see below is amazing.


#1 – RGD Annual In-House Awards

Here comes The Association of Registered Graphic Designer’s Annual In-House Award book, printed by Moveable on Lynx® and designed by Herschel Supply. RGD’s biannual Awards Program acknowledges the designs done by ever-growing creative teams that work as internal agencies in Canada and around the world.

IMG 4226

As things continue to change, the role of design as a tool for experiencing and understanding our world becomes increasingly important. Armed with the creativity and expertise to deliver on business objectives, in-house design teams are uniquely positioned to craft compelling communications that inform and inspire.


The 2021 RGD awards annual presented some of the most effective examples of creative solutions from in-house design teams across Canada, and now, in their fourth year hosting this program, RGD received 150 entries from across North America. Projects represent a range of industry sectors from municipal government to post-secondary education, broadcast media, retail and manufacturing.

Click here to view in our Gallery.



#2 – AREA Real Estate Advisors

AREA Real Estate Advisors describe themselves as the “hometown team that plays in the big leagues.” One thing is for sure, we know that if you’re going to play with the big guns, you better be ready!


Designed by Design Ranch (Kansas City, MO) and printed by J&J Printing (Lenexa, KS) on Cougar 80 lb. Text, Smooth Finish, this piece is a 32-page self-cover featuring trim, fold and collate short sheets with logo crossovers on both the front and back of the book. Cool, clean and striking, every detail on this beautiful print project lets us know that AREA definitely came to play.


Want to join us on a trip beyond the gallery? Another podcast has emerged from the Printerverse  and it breaks down the creative and collaborative process between a design agency, a printer and a paper merchant on two award-winning projects printed on Domtar paper.

Click here to view in our Gallery.



IMG 4239

#3 – KCAI President’s Report

From the brilliant minds of the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) and its very own alum, Alex Duncan, comes the KCAI President’s Report.

IMG 4252

This piece needed to be unique in comparison to the previous two reports that they’ve published since launching their new brand identity… and I just have to say, they nailed it!

The KCAI President’s Report is printed on  Lynx 70 lb. Text and 100 lb. Cover, Smooth Finish and features a 4-color process throughout and silver foil stamping.

Click here to view in our Gallery.

IMG 4214

#4 – Mitchell Press 2022 Creative Journal – Imagination At Work

Mitchell Press is no stranger to the Domtar Paper Gallery—just a quick scroll through our virtual art studio will prove to you that they are a mainstay—and they never fail to impress.

IMG 4235

Designed by John Belisle of Belisle Creative and printed by Mitchell Press themselves comes their 2022 Creative Journal – “Imagination At Work”. Printed on 130 lb. Cougar Digital Color Copy Cover and 70 lb. Cougar Digital Color Copy Text, Mitchell Press elected to add additional substance and strength to ensure that their only limitation was their imagination.

Click here for the full writeup.

The Domtar Paper Gallery is one of my favorite art galleries—it’s free, mobile and you never know when it might get a new submission.

For more paper and printspiration, check out our blog.

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