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6 reasons Why Cougar® is the Paper Brand of Choice

In many ways, a brand is an act of self-expression. It’s a declaration—about who you are and what you’re all about. Brands work hard to tell a story—about a company’s values, dreams and goals. Isn’t it time you showed your brand some love and chose the Cougar paper brand to tell your brand story?

Sure, you could dismiss my ramblings as bias. But, you might be surprised to learn that when I interviewed for a graphic design position at Domtar almost six years ago that approximately 85% of my portfolio was printed on Cougar® paper. Even as a young designer, I understood how paper choice can carry and deliver a brand’s message to the intended audience. Here are 6 reasons why Cougar is the paper brand of choice.


A common question I get from junior designers is “Does it really matter what paper I chose if it’s plain white paper?” I answer this with another question: “Are you printing images on it? Then yes, definitely!”


In all seriousness, whether you’re printing offset, digital or inkjet, paper choice has a serious impact on the final results of your printed piece. Trying to avoid ink mottle on a large solid area? Cougar’s excellent formation is a great start. Don’t have time for a disappointing outcome on your quick-turn digital job? Cougar Digital Color Copy is three-star HP Indigo certified. Have a hard deadline for that important identity project? No worries; part of the reason commercial printers trust Cougar is its excellent runability and printability, which can help keep jobs on schedule by performing beautifully. Simply put, the printed page is where great ideas unfold and brand stories are told—and Cougar paper is the perfect canvas.

Breadth of Line

The options in the Cougar line will meet any brand’s printed communication needs. For starters, it’s available in three finishes (smooth, super smooth and vellum) and two shades (white and Natural) to suit any mood your brand may need to convey. Need vivid color? Cougar’s white shade and 98 brightness provide the perfect surface. Want to convey a feeling of nostalgia and warmth? Cougar Natural will deliver a truly memorable printed piece. In addition to shade, Cougar is also available in a variety of weights with accompanying envelopes, helping to ensure a consistent look for anything you print.


It’s true what Lori Slovik said in a recent post on opacity; not all uncoated papers are created equal in regards to show-through. Many designers believe that all paper brands have the same amount of show-through and the only way to avoid this is by going up in weight. There are two problems with this:

  1. Paper is priced by its weight. So, if you’re going up in weight solely to avoid show-through, you may end up spending more than you need to.
  2. You can quickly run into problems with some projects. For example, let’s say you’re designing a poster with a dark solid on one side and minimal coverage on the other that will be folded and inserted into an envelope or booklet. You can run into wrinkling and folding issues by choosing a heavier weight.

My advice? Save yourself the headache and spec Cougar paper. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed with the opacity as I continue to be every day.


Have you ever had a project that ended up looking completely different even though you used the same paper brand and worked with the same printer who used the same equipment? Every component of the Cougar paper brand is made at the same paper mill on the same machine to the rigorous standards of the professionals who are completely devoted to the brand. So, you can expect a consistent look, time after time.


At Domtar, we’ve always held ourselves to the highest standards to be who we say we are. Our values and quality make us the paper company you can trust to reflect your brand’s reputation for excellence. Cougar is made with 10% post-consumer recycled content, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and always sourced through local North American providers. This makes Cougar a brand that’s easy to believe in.


Let’s face it—deadlines are a fact of life and most projects don’t have waiting a week for paper factored into the timeline. With Cougar and most Domtar products, waiting for paper isn’t something you have to worry about. With ten regional replenishment centers located throughout the United States and Canada, over 80% of printers receive next-day deliveries.

I could go on and on. The truth is, there are several reasons the Cougar paper brand has remained the top uncoated printing paper of choice for creatives and printers for nearly 50 years. For brands that want to make their mark, Domtar makes Cougar—the paper designed for projects and brands that pursue a strong impression and a high impact. Ready to see for yourself? Order your complimentary copy of our latest promotion Make Your Mark on Cougar®This beautiful piece showcases how Cougar can carry every unique brands’ message with passion, personality and purpose.

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