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With Love From

Design Agency

Red Rocket Creative






70 lb. Text, Smooth Finish (Wrap Sheets)


Hemlock’s 2023 Holiday Wrap, “With Love From” spotlights what matters most during holiday seasons—the ways we create togetherness, even when we’re apart. Designed with the help of Red Rocket Creative, this piece is adorned with playful patterns, iconic characters, and whimsical sights from across Canada and the US. The set includes six sheets of double-sided wrapping paper, each inspired by a different location with a meaningful connection to Hemlock, and a sticker sheet of themed stamps, all enclosed in a special case. As you explore With Love From, you’ll find that not only does the amazing printability of Lynx allow each sheet to reproduce that sense of holiday cheer, but the brand’s versatility ensures that the quality of the piece is consistent throughout.

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