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What’s New in the Domtar Paper Gallery

One of our goals at Paper.Domtar.Com is to highlight and inspire amazing print marketing campaigns. The Domtar Paper Gallery is one of our favorite assets, as it allows us to see and share the amazing works that others have created on Domtar paper. Our gallery, which contains hundreds of print pieces from over the years, is a place where you can sit back, scroll, and discover inspirational print pieces. From graphic design guides to charitable works, here are some of our latest gallery submissions.

  1. LMH Health Foundation

Over 30 years of experience at Kingston Printing and more than 25 years of experience at The Write Design come together to create a colorful, textured piece for LMH Health. Our most recent gallery submission was printed on Lynx Opaque Ultra 100 lb. cover and 100 lb. text and is full of tiny details that make eye-catching impact—like the mixed and matched textures and contrasting colors. Inside, you’ll learn about the LMH Health campus and initiatives, and outside, the bold, blue type on the cover and pièce de résistance bright green belly band will keep you captivated. A smaller, matching book highlights the supportive work of LMH Health Foundation. Everything about this project screams intention and mastery, just like a health provider should.

  1. The Business of Graphic Design: The RGD Professional Handbook

Are you in the business of graphic design? Well, if you are, this book is for you. The Business of Graphic Design: The RGD Professional Handbook is the first and only comprehensive Canadian guide to maintaining a graphic design business. Printed offset on 100 lb. Lynx Text and 100 lb. Cover by Flash Reproductions in Canada, the RGD Professional Handbook cover has a nice technique to it that was achieved via a silk screen UV gloss treatment. Now in its 3rd edition, it’s used as a text in many design programs across Canada and for a section of the Online Test portion of RGD’s Certification Process. Over 15,000 copies have been distributed to date. To learn more or order the book for yourself, click here.

  1. Hall Family Foundation In This Moment

The Hall Family Foundation is a regular in our gallery, and their latest piece maintains the standard that they’ve set for themselves. A private philanthropic organization based in Kansas City, MO and dedicated to enhancing the quality of human life, the foundation understands what life is like for their community and decided to create something that expressed their community’s experiences over the last year. They felt that a newsprint feel could accomplish that, but they didn’t want to sacrifice the performance and ink holdout that offset printing provides. The Hall Family Foundation also wanted to choose a color palette and paper that were reflective of the times we were in, but had to consider their budget for the overall product. Prioritizing performance, quality and budget only left them with one option—Husky Paper. The result of their efforts is the Hall Family Foundation In This Moment piece that you see here.

  1. Back to the Basics Notebook Series

Witty, humorous and, of course, imbued with a great sense of design, Mitchell Press’s 2021 field guide notebooks were created in collaboration with their friend and illustrator John Belise. These notebooks provide 10 solid tips towards navigating the pandemic using a local British Columbia theme and retro feel. There are 3 differently coloured versions that each demonstrate Mitchell Press’s binding abilities in a unique way and each notebook offers up local tips like finding the best regional beer or which are the best fishing, hunting and gathering spots, while also allowing plenty of empty space to take notes. This is a series that we’re delighted to host on our site.

  1. Eric by Tom Manning

One of the few literary entries into our gallery, Eric is certainly unique. Created by Tom Manning, the critically acclaimed writer and illustrator of Runoff and Bering Strait, the first two entries in the series, comes Eric, a graphic novel of epic proportions. Eric is a story of Americana and the troubles it hides beneath its pop and artifice. The titular character was a celebrated musician in the ’60s and ’70s psychedelic pop scene who has since fallen from grace and grapples with his irrelevance. Following a live TV debacle while promoting his greatest hits album, Eric plunges into a terrifying conspiracy spanning multiple realities that takes both himself and the reader on an unpredictable journey into America’s underbelly. While the story itself is compelling, it’s the artwork that earns this graphic novel its place in our gallery. Each page is another step into a world of dark wonder and our gallery is the better for it.

If these print pieces caught your eye, click this link to see the other works of art that await.

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