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The 2023 USPS Promos: Saving with Color

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that the United States Postal Service (USPS) Programs and Incentives are helping a lot of businesses save money through their annual incentives. Their promos make it possible for marketers to pair the advantages of direct mail with new advancements in print technology at a discount, resulting in higher returns on investment and better overall performance. Currently, the Tactile, Sensory, & Interactive (TSI) and Personalized Color Transpromo incentives are available, each of which offer different advantages to qualified mailers. We just broke down how to take advantage of the TSI promotion on our blog—here’s how the Color Transpromo program can work for you.


Source: Annual State of Transactional Communications Consumer Survey; Keypoint Intelligence 2022

How Does it Work?

The Personalized Color Transpromo Promotion encourages mailers to highlight marketing messages by using color, dynamic variable print and/or personalization in their printed piece. After registering your account, your discount is calculated in PostalOne!® and applied to the postage statement at the time of mailing. Mailpieces must include a full-color (2 or more) marketing message or visualization of account data in two or more colors to be eligible and the messaging must be personalized to the recipient.


Now, before you balk at spending money to qualify for a discount, keep in mind that up to 90% of the snap judgments consumers make about products can be attributed to color alone. Research from Keypoint Intelligence’s Customer Communications Consulting Service shows that personalization is a critical component in a customer’s experience. When consumers were asked about the factors that improved their direct mail experience, personalization was the key component for all respondents.

Production inkjet makes it possible to use unique graphics and text based on data, demographics or even the recipients’ purchasing preferences and create a personalized direct mail experience for your audience. By using a combination of vibrant colors and variable data, you can be highly effective in driving direct mail response rates—let’s look at a qualifying example.


For Sure

Domtar’s LynxJET® features a special surface treatment that enhances print quality and improves optical density for pigment inks, resulting in more ink color that stays near the surface of the sheet while water is wicked through the paper. It’s a treated production inkjet paper that has the same excellent formation and printability as Lynx®, providing great color reproduction and sharp detail, making it ideal for personalization.


Pictured Here: Lynx® For Sure direct mail piece.

The transpromotional mailer included in the Lynx® For Sure promo is a great example of a printed promotion that qualifies for the USPS discount. It checks the “full-color marketing message” box and puts on display the functional beauty of LynxJET.

Printed with pigment ink on a Canon ColorStream series printer, the statement shows off how well LynxJET treated inkjet paper can enhance color on a production inkjet press. We also attached a credit card element printed that was printed digitally on Lynx Digital 120 lb. Cover , using a  Canon imagePRESS series printer.  You can see the level of ink coverage this piece holds while maintaining detail and sharpness in the images.


Request your sample here: Lynx® For Sure

If you’re considering taking advantage of the Personalized Color Transpromo Promotion, make sure you choose the right paper for the job so that you avoid spending the money you saved during the print process. Click here for more information on the impact that paper quality can have.

Which Promotion is Next?

The 2023 USPS Promotions and Incentives run through the rest of the year, but for limited amounts of time. Both the Personalized Color Transpromo and the Tactile, Sensory, & Interactive promotions are currently available and run from February 1, 2023 – July 31, 2023, with other incentives throughout the year:

We will be provide updates as incentives become available, so visit our blog regularly to be the first to learn about future promotions.

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