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Uncovering Fig Magazine: A Multiplatform Communications Package with Purpose

By Deborah Corn, Print Media Centr.

Fig Magazine, a beautiful embodiment of community-driven print media, stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the impact of meaningful design. At its helm is Deborah Brandt, Founder and CEO of Fig Industries, whose journey into the world of print marketing began with a mantra: Design for Good. Founded in 2000, Fig Industries aimed to leverage exceptional design and creative communication to transform businesses and communities.

Deborah Brandt and Meredith Collins, Channel Marketing Manager at Domtar, joined me on Podcasts from The Printerverse. Our conversation sheds light on the genesis of Fig Magazine and its evolution into a multiplatform communications package.

We discuss the Fig team’s commitment to their community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and how the quarterly magazine serves as an enthusiast’s guide, highlighting local dining, shopping, arts, and community initiatives.

Listen here:

4K5A4017-2-scaledA pivotal aspect of Fig’s journey was the transition to uncoated paper in 2020, a decision rooted in the pursuit of refinement and sustainability. This shift was not merely a change in paper stock but a deliberate choice to enhance the magazine’s tactile and visual experience. With Lynx Opaque Ultra from Domtar, Fig found the perfect canvas to showcase its stories, aligning with its mission of Design for Good and sustainability.

The collaboration between Fig Industries, Domtar, and their printing partner, The Standard Group, exemplifies the synergy between creativity, technology, and sustainability. Through meticulous planning and partnership, Fig Magazine transformed into a visually stunning and environmentally conscious publication, embodying luxury through its satin finish and refined design.

Fig Industries, Fig Magazine and The Standard Group are featured in this episode of Project Peacock:

FigLaunchParty-FriendsFall2023Beyond its local roots, Fig Magazine has expanded its reach through a national franchise model, inviting agencies and design studios to replicate its success in other cities. The Fig family continues to grow, spreading its message of community engagement and collaboration across the country.

In a world increasingly dominated by digital media, Fig Magazine stands as a beacon of the enduring power of print.

FIStudioNov23B-scaledIts journey from a small idea to a thriving multiplatform communications package serves as inspiration for creatives, marketers, and printers alike. By embracing collaboration, sustainability, and the transformative potential of design, Fig Magazine exemplifies the essence of print marketing solutions that create meaningful connections and drive business success.

Connect with Fig

Meet the curiously creative team at Fig Industries:

Want to visit Lancaster, PA? Fig Lancaster is your guide:

Bring Fig to your city! Find out about Fig Franchising here:

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