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Mitchell Press Presents: The Hip Trip

For the uninitiated, the Domtar Paper Gallery showcases submissions of fine print work that has been printed on Cougar®, Lynx® or Husky® paper. Constantly updated with iconic magazines, innovative brochures and inspiring prints, the gallery is an incredible resource for staying current on the latest trends in design and print and best of all, it’s free. For those already in the know, we have good news—Mitchell Press is back with “A Hip Trip” a new promotional project developed to showcase the extraordinary capabilities of their new Landa Nanographic® printing press, the only one of its kind in Canada.


Putting the Pieces Together

To execute the Hip Trip piece to their standards, MITCHELL relied on the Landa S10P Nanographic® Printing Press. Engineered for single or double-sided printing, the Landa combines the flexibility of digital with the speed and quality of the finest offset presses, offering more opportunity for agile production and value-added services on B1 (41 in. / 1,050 mm) format. These features showcase the unique capabilities of the Landa with relevant, fresh, creative, and technically challenging production all through a theme of celebrating the freedom to travel to different places across Canada.

Even with their new press on hand, MITCHELL knew they needed partners they could trust at the head of this project. That’s why they collaborated with longtime creative partner Illustrator/Creative Director John Belisle and his associate Adam Rogers, talented partners, to craft a modern twist on 1950s poster culture featuring four unique components: art prints, a sketch and notebook, baggage tags, and a custom package to bring it all together.

Production Notes


The Art Prints

Printed on 80 lb. Cougar Cover, Super Smooth Finish, the Hip Trip art prints are a vibrant and playful set of mini prints.

The Sketch and notebook

Printed on 130 lb. Cougar Cover, Smooth finish (Cover) and 70 lb. Lynx Digital, Smooth Finish (Pages), this notebook portion of the project captures the essence of each unique destination in vivid fashion.

  • Printed CMYKOGB with Nanographic® Inks
  • Grid pages printed black only on Kodak NexFinity Digital Sheetfed press
  • Film laminate outer cover de-lustered polypropylene, trim, gather punch and wire-o bind white

IMG_8453The piece comes together in a beautiful “custom package”—printed on 160 lb. Cougar Cover, Smooth Finish—that embraces the freedom of the theme and puts Mitchell’s talents on display.

  • Packaging (the carrier box)
  • Printed on 160 lb. Cougar Cover, Smooth Finish
  • Printed CMYKOGB with Nanographic Ink
  • Die-cut, assembled and kitted.

PicturehiptripUltimately, Mitchell Press’s A Hip Trip puts on display the beauty that paper, print and innovative minds can create when the right tools are on hand.

For works of printspiration like this, visit the Domtar Paper Gallery.

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