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Life made easier with Lettermark™ Punched and Perforated Papers

Domtar recently transitioned several historical brands of office papers into one new brand - Lettermark™.  As part of the changeover, Willcopy® Custom Cuts will be discontinued and replaced with  Lettermark™ Punched and Perforated Papers.  There are no changes to the product.  It simply has a new name and new packaging.

Lettermark™Punched & Perforated Papers offer a full line of options that complement the Lettermark™ Copy Paper family.  These items are produced on Domtar’s high-quality office papers and are pre-converted with either micro-perforations or “punched” out holes. The lineup includes 14 stock items that open up a world of convenience and efficiency for use on office printing equipment. Dependable performance and reliable results make these great for everyday use across a variety of industries.

These converted products allow the end-user to create their own forms, charts, statements, invoices, delivery tickets, church bulletin registrations, remittance slips and legal documents.  And likely other applications that we haven’t heard about.  This is particularly beneficial for small businesses that don’t have the volume required to meet order minimums for outsourced forms production.  These converted papers could serve as a safety valve if a company finds their forms inventory is depleted.  The Punched and Perfed stock items allow for a quick supply to be produced in-house while awaiting the next shipment of printed forms to arrive.

All of the Punched and Perfed stock items are available in standard Letter size, 8 ½” x 11.  The sheets will fit in the paper tray of any standard copy or laser printer, even a desktop model.  This allows you to print documents that do not need an extra “finishing” step.  No need to wrestle with a hole punch or perforating machine after you print your copies.  You simply load the paper tray with this pre-converted product and the finished form is waiting on the other side.  This allows service to a wide range of industries and customers.

If you have a need for printed forms that include a tear-off section, the Perforated papers are available at 3 ½”, 3 2/3” or 5 ½” in either 20lb or 24lb.

For documents that will be inserted into binders or onto clipboards with rings, there are 6 stock options of pre-drilled papers in 20lb.  5HP Top is available with 5/16” or 1/4” holes and 5HP left is available with 5/16”.  The other three options are 2HP Top, 7HP Left and 19HP GBC.

Lettermark™ Punched & Perforated Papers are produced from start to finish by Domtar.  These items are an extension of Lettermark™ Copy Paper.   It is produced on the same paper machines, has the same specifications, and is enhanced with Colorlok® technology to ensure bolder blacks and more vivid color.  The perforations and punches are produced on state-of-the-art finishing equipment which includes a steering section that allows for precision in the location of the perfs or drilled holes.

All 14 items are stocked in cartons containing 5 packaged reams for a total of 2500 sheets. If you are ready to impress your office mates, place an order today and show off your new production capabilities.  And send us a picture!

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