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Leaving a Legacy

This year, Domtar celebrated the Golden Anniversary of the Cougar® brand, an iconic paper that has blazed an unmatched legacy of quality and performance over its 50 years.


Cougar has an entire community behind its success, but today we honor one person whose efforts have had one of the largest impacts on the brand. Today, we honor Vanécia “V” Carr.





Leaving a Legacy

If you’re lucky, you may already be familiar with V. She’s one of the minds behind Paper Matters Magazine (printed on Cougar) and her voice rings through our blog. During her time as the Director of Marketing, V oversaw countless product advertisements, brand campaigns and launches as well as customer engagements,  and if you asked what her favorite Domtar product is, the answer is a no-brainer.

“Cougar®, hands down. It’s ‘the people’s brand.’ We’ve done some really fun stuff with marketing Cougar, including edgy promotions and even photo shoots with a real cougar named Dylan. And, brands and creatives have used Cougar to make their mark on the world, tell their stories and share their most exciting moments.”

Vanecia Carr Headshot

While V has moved on to another role at Domtar, as the new General Manager of the EAM Business, she has left a mark on the brand and the people. John Milazo, a longtime employee and current Vice President of Sales, Merchants at Domtar, had this to say about her time in marketing.

“Cougar is Domtar’s flagship brand and over the course of the last decade, we couldn’t have asked for a better leader of our marketing efforts for Cougar than Vanécia Carr. During this period, some of the most striking Cougar marketing materials were produced, as were creative new ways to connect with our customers. Simply put, V was the right person at the right time to lead this charge.”


From featuring models who looked like her in iconic brand promotions to manning the floor at tradeshows and events, V ensured that Cougar wasn’t just a quality brand with a quiet voice and the entire paper industry took notice.

“I believe one of the biggest impacts V had on the industry was having the vision to transform a paper company into a community of paper lovers, and a paper stock into a design movement,” says Deborah Corn, Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse and a rockstar in her own right. “V’s insight and forthright sharing at Girls Who Print events and gatherings has made her voice and leadership a stellar example for women in the industry.

Ultimately, all we can say to V is thank you. Her legacy is contained within sheets of Cougar her impact speaks for itself. We at Domtar can’t wait to see what’s next.

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