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Communication Trends In a World of Change and Reaching Across Generations

In a world where digital fatigue is a common concern, print and paper may be more powerful than ever. With the retail season approaching and personalization growing ever more effective, now is an excellent time to choose print. We recently spoke with Nichole Tully, Advisor of Marketing Communications at Canon Solutions America, about how the marketplace is changing, why print appeals to a variety of generations, and how data and personalization can create new opportunities for marketers to reach their target audiences. Here are some of the highlights that speak to the power of print.

You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • Post-COVID communication and marketplace trends
  • The impact of an omni-channel approach, and how to customize to reach millennials, Gen Z and other generations with print
  • How to leverage customer data to capitalize on targeted marketing

Quotes From This Episode:

“There is a misconception that you can only reach millennials and Gen Z through digital channels. But the reality is, printed communications actually resonate pretty strongly with these generations—especially direct mail. However, print needs to be done in a way that is specific to the audience, and appeals to the characteristics of their generation.”

“When the pandemic hit, all of a sudden, people were home constantly. They were on their computers and devices, and streaming things on TV. Now, people are sick of their devices more than ever—plus, home became a rich place for direct mail to reach its target market. While digital is not going anywhere, there is a growing opportunity for print, especially in the market of books, promotional direct mail, magazines, catalogs, point of purchase, and packaging.”

“The average lifespan of a Twitter post is 20 minutes. For an e-mail, it’s a shocking 18 seconds. So if want your message to be seen, and you’re using those channels, you need to constantly feed your pipeline. Compare this to a direct mail piece, which has an average lifespan of about 17 days. It also has a physical presence. You look at it, hold it, and spend more time with it than just hitting delete or scrolling on a social media platform.”

“Your mailbox is far less competitive, and far less oversaturated, then your email inbox or your social media feed. It's a really great place for a brand to stand out.”

To learn more about Canon Solutions America, visit this link. To listen to this episode of the Paper Matters Podcast, click here.

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