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Attracting the Next Generation to the Print and Paper Industry

What Does the Next-Gen Have to Say?

It may sound cheesy, it may be a tired, old phrase but it’s more than apt—the future is now. If you want to prepare for the next step in the paper and print industry, you need to be able to recruit young talent. Hear from one of our very own on what attracted him to the paper industry and how to connect with the next generation and attract great talent for your team. Join us as Nicholas Pearson, Marketing Specialist for Domtar Paper and recent college graduate, dispels a few myths about millennials in the workplace, the value of diversity and what interested him in the paper and printing industry. Quotes from this Episode:

You Don’t Want to Miss:

Here’s a sneak peek of our conversation: “It’s so easy for everyone to hear something and run with it, or to hear a rumor and say, ‘Millennials like this and you know, the Boomers are like this,’ but I really do think that there's a lot of unwarranted antagonism on both sides. I do think that as a Millennial, from what I see, my friends are all people who work hard.” Join us as we move from Nicholas’s experiences in the industry, to what’s surprised him about paper and more, including:

  • Attracting the next generation to the print and paper industry
  • How diversity and inclusion leads to new ideas and perspectives
  • What millennials really want in the workplace and it’s not what you think


For more from Nick or other paper-related resources, use the links below. For now, we will leave you with this, “If you really think about it, paper is involved in nearly every aspect of your life, whether you're going to the gas station or getting a receipt. I think paper is everywhere. And once I got into the paper industry, I was surprised by the breadth of what it does and the efforts that the industry takes pride in being sustainable and pushing the envelope forward.” – Nicholas Pearson, Marketing Specialist, Domtar Paper

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