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Toothache Magazine #09


Hemlock Printers





You might be familiar with Toothache Magazine because of its mouth-watering imagery, but it could also be its incredible attention to detail in design or dedication to sustainability. You also might know them as the magazine that makes you hungry. However you’ve come to know Toothache Magazine, nothing can prepare you for the quality content within each and every issue. The 9th issue of Toothache Magazine was printed to perfection and their recipe relied on Lynx 30 for the inside of the magazine, resulting in a finished product with sharp contrast and minimal show-through. We recommend you eat beforehand so that you and your stomach can look beyond the images on the page and appreciate the entire printed piece for the work of art it is.


Be sure to check out Toothache’s website to get a copy of Issue 9 using the link below!


Customer: Toothache Magazine –

Printer: Hemlock –

Paper: Inside of the magazine is Lynx® 30

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