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Sprung Formal


60 lb. Text


The Sprung Formal book is a literary arts journal published annually in association with the Liberal Arts and Graphic Design Departments at the Kansas City Art Institute. Junior Graphic Design students operated as the design studio for the magazine, collaborating closely with students in a Liberal Arts class who served as the editorial team. The class of seven students knew they wanted “off-white” paper. Sprung Formal is about being accessible and they felt like a cream shade gave that feel more so than a “stark white” and they liked uncoated paper because of its weight and intimate texture. Their explorations ultimately led them to Cougar® Natural and, as evidenced by the photos to the left, they made the right choice. Stay tuned as the full story of Sprung Formal comes to paper.domtar.com/blog


Customer: Kansas City Art Institute

Printer: Soli Printing

Paper: Interior pages on 60 lb. Cougar Natural Text

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