• Two envelopes made with Domtar Brown Kraft Envelope paper

    Brown Kraft Envelope

    Domtar's Brown Kraft Envelope is designed for a wide range of converting equipment with strength...

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  • 3 sheets of Carbonless forms

    Carbonless Base

    These base stocks perform exceptional well in your coating operations.

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  • Pills on a medication leaflet printed on Century Premium Opaque paper made by Domtar

    Century® Premium Opaque

    Century® Premium Opaque is indeed a premium sheet.

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  • Direct mail material printed on paper ci2000 made by Domtar


    Domtar's ci2000® is engineered for excellent performance in high-speed converting equipment...

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  • Continuous Forms

    Domtar stocks a variety of standard boxed forms papers – everything from green bar to four-ply...

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  • Cougar Digital Product Image

    Cougar® Digital

    The timeless brilliance of Cougar®, designed for the digital age.

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  • Cougar Digital Color Copy Product Image

    Cougar® Digital Color Copy

    Cougar® Digital Color Copy blends the market’s premium paper with the flexibility to sync...

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  • Cougar Swatchbook

    Cougar® Smooth

    Cougar® Smooth, is the premium paper renown for it’s rich, velvety feel that amplifies...

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  • Cougar Swatchbook

    Cougar® Super Smooth

    The luxurious silky finish of Cougar® Super Smooth enhances the impression of any printed...

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  • Domtar CougarJET


    Premium quality paper. Incredible inkjet performance. Get inspired by the potential of the...

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  • Digital Opaque Plus

    Digital Opaque Plus is a reliable and dependable sheet — perfect for dye-based transactional...

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  • Labels being printed on Domtar's Direct Thermal Base paper

    Direct Thermal Base

    Base Stocks Designed for Thermal Applications

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  • Paper bags made with Domtar Bagstock

    Domtar® Bagstock

    Domtar® Bagstock can be used in many market segments including fast food carry out, pharmacy...

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  • A box of Domtar® Copy paper

    Domtar® Copy

    From high-speed, high-volume copiers to desktop inkjet printers, this reliable paper makes...

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  • Domtar ReplyJET®

    Made for mailing. Optimized for inkjet. You want to generate a response — and Domtar ReplyJET®...

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