Research shows that handwriting not only has tremendous neurological benefits for the developing minds of young children, but handwriting is also a useful brain exercise for aging adults and an effective way to communicate on a more emotional level. To bring these important messages to life, we created a handwriting correspondence program called PAPERpal™.

PAPERpal™ brings together students and senior citizens through a fun and engaging program where they can exchange letters, drawings and artwork. It is a special way for students and seniors to practice handwriting and connect with someone new to share experiences of their different generations.

Become a paper pal

It’s easy to become a paper pal; just follow these easy steps. Connect with a school or senior/retirement/assisted living facility also interested in the program – it can be across town or across the country. If you need help finding a partner, email and we will help you to connect. Partner organizations should:

  • Identify a lead contact at each participating organization. Please register your organization here. (provide the hyperlink that is currently on the page)
  • Confirm number of participants at each organization (ideally one for one)
  • Select the organization to begin the correspondence and provide names (first names only for children, please)
  • Determine the expected frequency of letter exchanges
  • Exchange mailing addresses of the organizations (not home addresses)
  • Let the fun (and friendship) begin!

Download our PAPERpal™ Brochure.

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