Paper Freezer Pack

Domtar’s Paper Freezer Pack: A Novel Use for Responsibly Sourced Fiber

Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of the broader impacts of their purchasing decisions, and as a result, are turning towards more environmentally and socially responsible options. One impact of this behavior is the projected demand growth for a number of fiber-based products made from pulp and paper.

As the largest integrated manufacturer and marketer of uncoated freesheet paper in North America and one of the largest pulp manufacturers in the world, Domtar is well-positioned to take advantage of this growing trend.

One recent example of Domtar’s efforts to translate customer needs into innovative fiber-based products is the company’s development of its patent pending paper freezer pack technology.

While great strides have been made in the meal kit industry to reduce the waste inherent in shipping prepackaged perishable ingredients across the country, the eventual commercialization of Domtar’s paper freezer pack technology will represent a positive step towards a more responsible approach. 

Freezer packs, necessary for keeping uncooked ingredients at an appropriate temperature, remain a pain point for many of today’s meal kit customers.  While solutions ranging from freezer pack return schemes to drain-safe gel solutions have been attempted, most fail to resonate with those seeking a more sustainable option for keeping their food safe.

The majority of Domtar’s unique package is comprised of forest derived fiber - including paper, tissue and fluff pulp – along with a small amount of superabsorbent polymer used to absorb and retain the water that, once frozen, provides cooling properties.  

Through preliminary in-house testing, Domtar’s paper freezer pack technology has been found to:

  • Hold its temperature similar to conventional options at a lighter weight, offering potential shipping benefits
  • Unlike some competitive packs, demonstrate no leakage, which can impact the integrity of the shipping container
  • Exhibit minimal condensation versus conventional packs, potentially better preserving the quality of shipped goods

A project 4+ years in the making, Domtar is actively in conversations with parties interested in bringing this innovative patent pending technology to market.

If your organization is interested in offering a creative way to source even more of its e-commerce package from a responsibly harvested renewable resource, please contact




Domtar’s paper freezer pack technology

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