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There’s More To Packaging Designs

As we go into the new year, we want to take a look back at a gallery feature that was submitted a few years back. Ahead of its time, this packaging design submitted by Twyla Lambert Clark of Nashville's Lithographics.  This design is simple, provided all the information consumers needed to make a decision while adding an element of texture to draw them in.

I immediately fell in love with the rich red, subtle varnish and vintage-inspired typography on the Olive and Sinclair Peppermint Bark Packaging. So, of course, we were overjoyed to learn that Cougar paper was the paper of choice!

This beautiful example of packaging was designed by Riley Carroll of Sideshow Sign Co. If you attended the 2016 Brand New Conference in Nashville, you probably recognize the name of this unique design agency; their Owner and Creative Director Luke Stockdale gave a fantastic presentation that certainly showed off the diverse skills of this small but mighty team. Here’s what Carroll had to say about this project:

Olive and Sinclair is Tennessee’s first and only bean-to-bar chocolate maker, and one of our favorite clients. We’ve been working with them for several years, but just recently have ventured into working on their branding and packaging.

We were tasked with designing packaging for Olive and Sinclair’s biggest holiday seller, their Peppermint Bark. They already had enough empty cylinder tins from last year to use for this round, so I knew the design would be a wrap of sorts.

I wanted to keep the design simple, bold, and classic. I did a little digging and had the idea of these abstract, wavy lines going all the way around the cylinder. I wanted to print them in a spot gloss, but I also wanted to use an uncoated paper.

I worked closely with Twyla Lambert from Lithographics in Nashville, TN to find the right paper for the job. The paper had to be thick, but not too thick to wrap around the tin. I loved the feel of the Cougar Vellum, and the colors ended up printing beautifully.

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