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Meeting the Unique Needs of the Food Services Industry

Domtar meets the needs of customers in the food services industry who are looking to create unique products for their own customers.

Today, life speeds by at a whirlwind pace.  Everyone is busy, and convenience is no longer something consumers desire, it’s something they demand.  There’s an undeniable need for products and services that simplify their lives.  And that demand for convenience is even affecting how we eat.

People are ordering more take-out foods, and the use of meal delivery services is on the rise.   We’re constantly eating on-the-go and looking for easy, portable foods and snack items to take with us.

This has driven up the demand for fast-food, convenience items and the need for small-size, re-closable, single-use, easy pour and easier-to-open packaging.

Demand for single-use products, like take-out containers and sandwich wrap, is expected to rise 3.2 % annually through 2021 to $217 billion, with 40% of the demand coming from quick-service restaurants.1

But despite being time-crunched, consumers are also becoming much more aware of the type of foods they eat, and how they are packaged and labeled.  They’re demanding broader food choices, like salads and oatmeal, even from traditional fast-food restaurants; and they’re taking more notice of the impact their take-out food packaging has on the environment.   Many consumers have a favorable environmental image of paper products and enjoy the versatility and portability aspects they offer.1

Domtar is perfectly suited to meet the needs of customers in the food services industry who are looking to create unique products for their own customers.

“Domtar’s works with its customers to custom-tailor solutions for whatever end-use application or specific need they have in their business,” says Mark Bessette, VP specialty business.  “As the largest provider of uncoated papers in North America, we’ve got a huge breadth of base stocks to start to build your custom product from.  It also means you can be assured that we won’t just be here today, but tomorrow, next year, and five years out partnering with you to build your business.

Domtar has an integrated mill system, so we’re able to provide our customers with unbeatable product consistency.  And because we know quality control affects not only our customers but their customers as well, we work to maintain very tight tolerances.

But it’s not always just about product and delivery with our team”, Bessette says, “It’s also about responsiveness.  My team works very closely with our customers, their technical managers, and our mills to get the answers they need and keep projects moving along.  That way everyone gets what they need when they need it, and we’re doing everything we can to help them make all their customer commitments.”

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