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Let Our Paper Do The Heavy Lifting

There are many applications where a print project requires a cover weight paper to be used. It can be for protection, ease of binding to hold together multiple pages of text weights or it can be for standalone usages, like a card, poster or presentation folder.  Whenever this need arises and the job calls for uncoated options, Domtar has a smorgasbord of options to consider.

First, let’s define what a Cover weight is. Paper math can be confusing if you are new to the industry. In an Equivalent Weights Table, like the one in our Stock Item Handbook, there are 6 basic weight categories. Book/Offset, Bond/Writing, Cover, Vellum Bristol, Index, and Tag.  The first of those two categories can be grouped as text weightsThe second two categories, Cover and Vellum Bristol are the two categories most commonly used for the applications described in the first paragraph.  Index and Tag were created for the specific purposes that their name suggests. Index was made for file folders and cards. Tag was created for labels and tags that go on feed, produce bags.

The most common weights manufactured in Cover are 65 lb., 80 lb., 100 lb., and 120 lb.  In Domtar’s premium offering, Cougar Cover is available in the 4 common weights and these additional options: 110 lb., 130 lb. and 160 lb. Double Thick. That’s seven weight options in Cougar® Cover, Smooth Finish.  Need your Cover smoother than smooth? Cougar has 4 weight options in the Super Smooth finish. Does your client want a rich, natural look to their piece, Cougar Natural Cover has been a designer’s favorite for years when they want the nostalgic look.

Bright Whites and off whites are the not the only shades we make. Seven eye-pleasing pastel colors are available in 65lb Cover. A total of 10 pastel colors can be found in our 67 lb. Eartchoice Vellum Bristol line. And if you really want to brighten your client’s day, and night, Earthchoice Hots has 10 intensely bold, bright fluorescent colors ready to dazzle as your Cover.

A wide array of shades, basis weights, and smoothness are available in our 197 stocked items of Cover. Should you “run for cover”? YES! Contact your local paper merchant and ask them for the best option to carry your brands.

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