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Last Minute Tips for your Marketing Strategy

2023 is underway and marketing departments continue to make tough decisions regarding strategy, their planned marketing media mix and budget allocations for the year. While we’re no longer dealing with some of the obstacles from the recent past, post-pandemic consumer behavior is still evolving which can make strategizing for the year tricky. Additionally, we’re already approaching the middle of Q1 and, if you’re like me, your ducks aren’t in anything that even resembles a row. If you’re still finalizing your marketing plans for the year, don’t worry; help is on the way. Should you start a podcast? Do you need to be on TikTok after all? I can’t tell you everything that’s right for your business, but I can share one indisputable fact—with a history of success and the data to prove it, direct mail has earned the right to a spot in your marketing mix and can help you target the next generation of decision-makers.

Mail by Number

No matter how large your business is or how small your department might be, as a marketer you will face challenges with your marketing media mix, budget allocation, resources and expertise that are natural evolutions from the hurdles we’ve overcome. You may believe I’m biased, but the stats below tell the whole story:

  1. Millennials are not nearly as print-averse as people may think. Despite a reputation as lovers of all things digital, younger consumers trend towards print more often than you might assume. Here’s what the stats say:
    1. 95% of people under 25 years old read magazines and 40% of adults under 30 look forward to checking the mail every day.
    2. 58% of millennials worry less about direct mail privacy than digital media privacy
  2. Research also shows that these digitally engaged consumers are suffering from digital fatigue. Users are exhausted—they want fewer communications and in ways that are easier to digest:
    1. Direct mail has an opening rate of over 90%; however, email opening rates are below 20%
    2. A recent study by USPS shows that after receiving direct mail, customer website visits rose by 77%, purchases by 64$, program sign-ups by 56% and app downloads by 53%
  3. Based on digital vs print advertising statistics, print ads drive stronger brand recall. They are also more trusted by consumers when making purchase decisions.
    1. Direct mail speeds up the purchase On average, any purchase decision takes longer than a week and over a third takes more than a month. However, with direct mail, 73% of purchase decisions take only 1+ day (21)
    2. Direct mail creates an emotional impact on customers (63%); they take things seriously, feel valued (57%), and form a better impression of the company(55%).

Ultimately, the numbers tell us that it doesn’t take futuristic marketing to drive sales. There are reasons that print has persevered—it’s effective, it’s efficient and it’s stood the test of time. If you’re approaching your deadline and finalizing your marketing mix, don’t over think your decision. Choose what works. Choose print.

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